make a donation
An easy way to support Community Rebuilds is to make a donation directly to our organization through our website here.  We greatly appreciate your decision to donate to Community Rebuilds.  Your contribution is tax deductible!  Community Rebuilds is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax identification number is  20-5636697.
No goods or services will be provided in return for this contribution.

You will receive a letter of gratitude from us stating the details of your donation for your records.

Community Rebuilds Donation

You can also...BUY A BALE for $10
When you buy a bale for $10 from us, the proceeds go directly to offset the cost of construction for our participating families. It is a great way to directly support our program and our recipients. It is also a great gift idea. When someone you love has it all, consider buying them a bale. It's a greener way to go.

When you buy a bale from us, you will receive a signed card from Community Rebuilds with a 'bale of straw' sticker inside (pictured above). Stick it with pride, and thanks for your support!