moab program
About the Homes
Since the first build in 2010, we will have built 22 homes in the Moab community by the end of 2017. Click here to see photos of all finished homes.

On the map below, click on each push pin to learn more about the different Moab homes. By clicking on the photo in the description, you will be directed to a photo gallery for that home.

Floor Plan
Our original floor plan in 2010 was designed by Wayne J. Bingham.  Wayne is an architect who assists owners and builders in planning, designing, and constructing straw bale homes. 
To learn more about Wayne J. Bingham, please visit his website:

In 2011, Community Rebuilds revised our floor plan to include a half/full bathroom option and reengineered the plans to save our homeowners more money AND to save time during construction. Every floor plan varies to fit the needs of the homeowner. The interior walls may change, but the footprint remains the same.

BIG thanks to a collaborative effort between draftsman Eric Plourde of Eco Logic Design Build of Moab and Dodson Harper of Resource Engineering Group of Crested Butte. To learn more about REG, Inc. visit their website:

(And be sure to check out their 2030 Challenge.)